In issues so complicated as management of real estates, it is best to discuss details at a personal meeting. It is worth to determine preliminary scope of subjects to be discussed at the meeting . Therefore we ask all the persons interested in our services in the scope of management of real estates and condominiums to contact us per e-mail or on the phone.

Thanks to this we will be able to determine the subjects of the discussion and adequately prepare to it. This will allow to save our and our clients’ time.

We invite you to contact us on the telephone numbers below:

Tel: 502 547 250
32 251 10 19

or e-mail address:

Weronika Truszczyńska
K: 502 547 250

Aleksandra Bąk
K: 508 863 550

Anna Grzegorz
K: 731 094 993

Main office:

ul. Staromiejska 6
40-013 Katowice

Correspondence address:

Skr. Pocztowa 1455
40-001 Katowice

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