Management of condominiums

Administration of condominiums requires adequate knowledge and experience. Only fully professional administrator can cope with requirements of the regulations and expectations of residents and users of a building. This is why we offer to our clients management of condominiums.

Complex services in this scope allow to focus on achieving real business benefits without the need to take care of administration of condominium. Specialists and fully professional companies we cooperate with that are a part of our team are a guarantee of reliable performance of duties in every aspect of management of condominiums.

While working for our clients, we perform a series of actions, including among others service in three languages (English, German and Russian), preparation of budgets of condominiums, debt collection, performance of current maintenance works.

Below you can find full scope of our activities:

Scope of administrative acticities:

  • service of real estates, including foreign correspondence (German, English, Russian, Silesian)
  • registration in the Internal Revenue Service and receiving the Tax Identification Number
  • registration in the Statistical Office and receiving the REGON Number
  • opening a bank account
  • signing contracts (or amendments of their data) with suppliers of media, including negotiations of advantageous conditions of service
  • preparation of budgets of condominiums
  • preparation of statutes of condominiums and house order regulations
  • preparation of media settlement regulations and their modernization
  • keeping record of residential premises, keeping and updating lists of owners of premises and their shares in joint property – current updates
  • keeping individual financial files in the scope of imposed payments, due interests, payments made and arrears or excess payments – using professional software
  • selection of building insurer – we use the services of reputable insurance brokers collecting offers from the entire insurance market
  • calculation of payments due to premises’ maintenance costs: service and repair advance payment as well as advance payments for media settled in accordance with the media settlement regulations – pursuant to effective law
  • updating additional charges for media in case of price change
  • issuing notifications on changing the amounts of payments
  • performance of voting in individual vote collection (individual case in the law on ownership of premises)
  • preparation of information on resolutions passed
  • debt collection
  • issuing the required certificates to the owners of premises
  • collecting all notifications, interventions and motions from users and owners of premises
  • preparation of financial settlement and annual economic plan for real estates
  • preparation and running meetings of condominium members
  • current settlement of payments from the condominium account, optionally one or two owners accept transfers
  • preparation of the scope of estate cleaning
  • selection of a company that renders cleaning services (current cleaning of joint property, including sidewalks and green areas, in winter cleaning sidewalks, driveways and communication courses of snow and mud, keeping in due order places of storing garbage: garbage cans, containers etc.) – form attractive for the condominium
  • selection of a contractor of inspections required by the Building Law – we permanently cooperate with persons who have proper licenses, who guarantee attractive prices of inspections and professional performance of ordered task
  • selection of a supplier of maintenance services and current repairs of real estates and technical equipment
  • preparation of lists of repair needs on the basis of a protocol of building technical condition
  • keeping documents specified in the provisions of Building and Technical Supervision Law, in particular mandatory book of a building structure, technical documentation, entries from the required technical inspections of real estates, protocols and opinions from chimney sweep’s inspections
  • keeping current record of maintenance needs and their performance
  • hanging flags on public holidays
  • coordination of works ordered by the State Sanitary Inspection
  • selection of accountant’s services, including: keeping accounting books, preparation of a plan of accounts for condominium, booking documents regarding joint property, including: bills, invoices and other accounting documents, preparation of financial information on incurred costs and revenues of maintaining joint property, booking bank statements regarding joint property and analytical booking to individual premises, preparation of annual financial statements and tax declarations