Management of real estates

The Biurowiec Group renders full services in the scope of management of real estates. Our tasks change along with the stage of the progress of project. Thanks to this our clients can be certain that their investment is in good hands under control of the best specialists.

Thanks to professional consulting our clients have access to analyses of investment relevance, get to know the risks connected with the purchase and methods of their minimization. We provide services in the scope of official issues, such as registration in the Internal Revenue Service or in the Statistical Office. This way our clients can focus on the core of their business.

At the ownership stage we deal with all aspects of management of real estate: starting from keeping documentation, through preparing protocols and ending with negotiations with tenants to leave the premises. If an owner decides to sell his real estate, we support him in this process from the beginning up to handing over of documentation to the new purchaser.

Below you can find full scope of our services:

Initial stage:

  • consulting in the process of purchase of real estates – performance of the analysis of investment relevance, indicating threats and methods of their minimization, audit of documents enclosed to real estates
  • in the investment process: commercialization of real estates
  • service of real estates, including foreign correspondence (German, English, Russian)
  • registration in the Internal Revenue Service and receiving the Tax Identification Number
  • registration in the Statistical Office and receiving the REGON Number
  • opening a bank account
  • signing contracts (or amendments of their data) with suppliers of media, including negotiations of advantageous conditions of service
  • preparation of budgets of real estates

Ownership phase, including among others:

  • keeping the required documentation of real estates
  • selection and control of a company that renders cleaning services, including winter maintenance of real estates
  • selection of a contractor of inspections required by the Building Law – we permanently cooperate with persons who have proper licenses, who guarantee attractive prices of inspections and professional performance of ordered task
  • selection of a supplier of maintenance services and current repairs of real estates and technical equipment
  • preparation of lists of repair needs on the basis of a protocol of building technical condition
  • keeping documents specified in the provisions of Building and Technical Supervision Law, in particular mandatory book of a building structure, technical documentation, entries from the required technical inspections of real estates, protocols and opinions from chimney sweep’s inspections
  • keeping current record of maintenance needs and their performance – issuing invoices / encumbering lessees, monitoring payments, vindication procedure along with preparation of documentation for the owner’s legal department
  • acting on behalf of the owner in communication with tenants and lessees
  • representation of the owner in issues regarding real estates before offices, institutions and administrative and prosecution bodies
  • issuing the required certificates for lessees and tenants
  • optimization of the portfolio of lessees in accordance with the approved owner’s policy
  • negotiations with tenants on leasing the premises
  • participation in bailiff’s proceedings - evictions
  • preparing reports according to the assumed rules, according to the agreed frequency

Sale stage:

  • providing support to the owner in the process of selling real estates
  • cooperation with real estate brokers
  • handing over of real estate documentation to a new purchaser