Comprehensive property management

Welcome to the website of Grupa Biurowiec team, which specializes in activities related to the administration and management of real estate. We always try to carry out our assignments at the highest level. Professional counselling and favourable terms of cooperation appeal to the full satisfaction of our clients - and it is their satisfaction that is the best indicator of the quality of our services. We invite you to take a closer look at our offer and to contact the representatives of Grupa Biurowiec directly in case of any further questions.
Efficiency from experience

In the management of real estate and residential communities, we use the experience we have gained over the years and our deep awareness of the market. We put our knowledge into practice by managing properties in cities such as Katowice and Cracow, as well as throughout whole region of Silesia and Lesser Poland. We effectively advise those who want to buy real estate and support those who already own it.

Fully professional

Our team includes only the best professionals: independent building inspectors with licenses, administrators and property managers with many years of experience, as well as specialists in management and marketing. As a result, we carry out all assignments efficiently, with attention to detail and in accordance with clients’ expectations.

Comprehensive service

Thanks to the experience of our team, we can offer comprehensive services, including property management in the initial phase, as well as ownership phase, and when buying and selling. Property administration is also among our services. We also deal with the management of residential communities – from handling correspondence, to debt collection and cleaning. Always efficient, comprehensive and reliable! Check and see for yourself today.

Company managing properties in Cracow and Katowice.

Kompleksowe zarządzanie nieruchomościami
Although Krakow and Katowice are among the many cities in Silesia and Lesser Poland in which we operate, it is worth mentioning due to the fact that they are among the largest.

We offer the services of Grupa Biurowiec to clients with both residential and commercial buildings - not only in the strict centers, but also in neighborhoods located on the outskirts. We easily cope with the challenges posed by taking care of facilities located in Cracow districts, as well as those forming the Katowice metropolitan area (including Załęże, Ligota-Panewniki, Osiedle Tysiąclecia or Murcki).
There is no doubt that professional administration of real estate and housing communities requires adequate knowledge and experience.

Only a fully professional property manager can cope with the requirements of the regulations and the expectations of residents and users of the building. It is for this reason that we offer to our clients the management of residential communities both in large cities such as Warsaw, Cracow, Poznań, as well as smaller towns.
Comprehensive services in this area allow you to focus on achieving real business benefits without having to deal with the administration of the community. The specialists who are part of our team, as well as fully professional companies with which we cooperate, are a guarantee of reliable performance of duties in every aspect of the management of housing estates and residential communities.
While working for our clients, we perform a wide range of activities, including service in three foreign languages (English, German and Russian), preparation of the residential community budget, debt collection, implementation of current maintenance requests.

Grupa biurowiec provides full property management services.

Our tasks change with the stage of advancement of the project that is the property. Among them are both consulting and property administration. This gives our clients the assurance that their investment is in good hands and under the control of the best specialists.

Through professional consulting, our clients gain access to analyses of the legitimacy of the investment, learn about the dangers of the purchase and how to minimize them. We handle official matters, such as registration with the tax and statistical offices. This way they can focus on the core of their business.
In the ownership phase, we handle every aspect of property management: from record keeping, drafting protocols, to negotiating with tenants to vacate the premises. When the owner decides that he wants to sell the property, we support him in the process from the beginning, all the way to the transfer of the documentation to the new buyer.
We perform both property management and other services in cities such as Katowice and Cracow, as well as other localities in the region of Silesia and Lesser Poland.